FFC Frankfurt reaches final after scandalous game

26 November 2005 23:37

MONTPELLIER, 26 Nov (SW) – FFC Frankfurt have reached the final of the UEFA Women’s Cup after winning the thrilling returnmatch against Montpellier. Goals from Sandra Smisek (twice) and Renate Lingor where enough to take the 2001/02 champions through.

The game Montpellier against FFC Frankfurt was overshadowed by some kind of a scandal. When looking over the whole game FFC Frankfurt deserved their win, although the game made some entertaining turns.

Central was the incident in the 72nd minute. The score was 1-3 and Virginie Faisandier (Montpellier and already yellow carded) fouled FFC Frankfurt goalkeeper Marleen Wissink in the 5 metre area. When Wissink stood up again she touched Faisandier. The result was that Faisandier got her second yellow card and Wissink got a red card.

After this the situation escalated, Montpellier coach Patrice Lair took his players from the field. Afterwards he said this was because: “Red in the penalty-box is automatically a penalty”. At the moment Lair took his players from the field, Kerstin Garefrekes scored in an empty goal.

After 20 minutes the French were back on the field. Referee Gyöngyi Gaal started with a referee ball, she did not count the shot of Garefrekes in the empty goal. Patrice Lair afterwards said that he didn’t see the situation personally and that he was advised by the manager to leave the field.

The passionate 1,500 spectators in Montpellier saw their team come behind early by a 8th minute goal of Sandra Smisek. There was more to cheer when Montpellier scored from a corner kick. Ludivine Diguelman embarrassed Marleen Wissink. Ten minutes later the French were again close when they hit the crossbar from again a corner kick.

In the 37th minute Birgit Prinz outran her opponent on the left side, Kerstin Garefrekes put the ball through to Renate Lingor who scored, 1-2. The third goal of FFC Frankfurt, just after the break again went via Birgit Prinz, Nia Künzer headed through and Smisek scored from an angle. Further in the game Smisek was dangerous again but hit the post and a lightly given penalty of Hoda Lattaf was stopped by FFC Frankfurt goalkeeper Marleen Wissink .

After the French came back on the field the game was set for a hectic final period. Birgit Prinz missed a hundred percent change and after that the French came. In the 80th minute Ludivine Diguelman scored from a penalty, 2-3.

After the game FFC Frankfurt stated their players were treated bad. The bus with FFC Frankfurt players left soon afterwards. FFC Frankfurt manager Siegfried Dietrich said he only want to receive apologies by letter and only if Montpellier declares having sanctioned some people within the club.

Montpellier – FFC Frankfurt 2-3 (1-2)

Referee: Gyöngyi Gaal, Attendance: 1,500

Goals: 10. Sandra Smisek 0-1, 16. Ludivine Diguelman 1-1, 37. Renate Lingor 1-2, 50. Sandra Smisek 1-3, 83. Ludivine Diguelman 2-3